Hi have you ever been to Winxpcentral ?

ok now I`m not spamming or something..... I happened to visit their forum it showed a popup sort of ad in this thread . when u take mouse over the double lined green word a intellitxt ad pops up .

ok now I am asking this `cause i want to have that in my site but not for ads, for wikipedia . like if some difficult word is there, when we take mouse over the word it shows the synonym in pop up . Actually I saw this meaning pop-up thing in Trillian messenger :mrgreen:

So any help ?

use the title attribute: <span title="explanation">difficult word</span>

Incidentally what you saw on the other site is probably a Microsoft Smart Tag - more pervasive advertising by them :rolleyes: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/smarttags/

Woo hoo ! I wasn`t talking about the tags m8 , it`s wiki , i wanted something which pops up the meaning from the server .
U`ll know what i`m talking if u use Trillian 3

I don't use trillian3.
the popup thing with a double green underline sounds like the ms smart tag. because that's exactly what one looks like..

So you want a server script that looks at every word on the page, looks at wikipedia, and automatically generates a tooltip (that's the title attribute) if the word is there?