Hi I am new to css, I did a degree in I.T at a university in london finished four years ago and worked in a completly different industry now that I want to design a site I realise just using html won't cut it lol, so I am trying to learn css on my own, do you think that is possible? there is a lot of information online but I am a bit confused on how to put it all together
I want to design a site similar to this:


I am trying to use floating three columns and I do understand that it will be best to have the css in a seperate file and add it to the html file by using a link. what i don't understand is where do I put the font size colour etc? Because all the examples I have seen on floating three columns there is no declaration of what the font should look like, does that mean I have to put it on a seperate stylesheet?
This is the example of floating three columns


Thank you for any advice you may give

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This may not answer your question... I'll try to make it as simple as possible I suppose. The whole point of CSS is just a way of making sure all of your pages are the same as your other pages (pretty much templates). If you understand how to set up a page in HTML using styles/attributes, you know CSS.

Example HTML using divs...

<div id="content" style="float:left; width:975px; height:394px; text-align:center; margin:0 auto;">Stuff</div>

Example of how you would do it in separate CSS file...

        Float: Left;
	margin:0 auto;

by doing it with CSS all you have to do is make the div ID=content (in this case) anywhere you want the same formatting. There is rarely a need to make multiple style sheets (unless its special circumstances). I usually write out the styles in html then remove them and make a CSS file from there (to make sure it all works first).


Thanks for that, it does make some sense now, i just get confused with where i need to put things but as with most things i need to play around with it

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