I am a flash newbie with basic knowledge of flash and have been asked to make changes in the fla file which you can download at http://www.webfile.ws/d/9518 the password is pass. Can you study this fla and tell me as much as you can about its structure and code. I am working on it now and will add specific questions as i go along

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specifically, i would like to know : in key people, i wish to remove all the details of "haresh nayak' (his link in the top bar, his image and his details) and move all the details of 'ss balaji' into its place. i hope my question is clear. thanks in advance for your time and efforts

I guess somebody more into Flash should step in say what to do. However for start you can do following

  1. Go to original designer and slap that person few times so he will remember next time to give meaningful name to all used components
  2. Your problem is in sprite 145 that holds section of Key People, you need to remove the first person you mentioned (roll over are plus name, that works as button, plus remove the person photo and personal description) and just drag name with the button association of the other person in the appropriate position
  3. Try to Test Movie (Ctrl + Enter) to see if it is working correctly and if there are any complains from AcrionScript (should not, you just removed one component and relocated other that are referenced by names)

OK, I've downloaded the file and my initial impression is AAARGH!

In my previous job in the elearning sector, I used to hate having to edit badly put together .fla's like this....It's a nightmarish mess of layers and code and badly named library objects (Although..not the worst I've seen by a long shot!)...I second Peters motion to slap whoever originally came up with this! heh heh ;)

I haven't had time to look at the file in any depth yet, but I'll post again when I finally get time to go through it properly!

Cheers for now,

Perhaps it's just been obfuscated to prevent those with little knowledge from ripping off the work by making a few simple changes to it.

No Salem not such a think as obfuscation. Person that originally designed the whole thing was just piling up one thing on another, working with default naming (btn1, btn2,....btnX) and left no comments what's ever in regards of ActionScript performance/functionality.

i thank all of you for your helpfull coments. i studied the flash and discovered how to solve it.

i have figured out most of the changes required to solve the problem an in the process of solving it. i may get stuck if there is some change to be made and i done realize it is connected to this issue. by the way, the file is now at http://rapidshare.com/files/254193349/_about_original.fla

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