I have a doubt in style sheets, when i was using a in table tag there a style property show that is min-height, what is the min-height? and what is difference between hieght and min-height?

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Maybe W3Schools will help.

I believe the difference is; height is the height and min-height is the minimum height of the image.

Lets say we have an image that is 100px high. You could load the image by writing height:50px; This will be 50px high

or you could put min-height:50px; This will be 100px high as the original image is 100px.

All min/max-height does is set the limits to one or more images.

height sets the size of an image.

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height sets the actual height of an element. If height is set in an absolute value like pixels then min-height doesn't really matter because the height is always that number. But if you set the height to a relative value, like 20%, then you start to lose control of how big the item actually appears. So min height allows you to specify a minimum height that the object will have, even if the window is resized. It will keep getting smaller as the browser window does, until it hits 200px or whatever value you set for the min height. Width and min-width work the same way. I have only seen it done the way I specified, I don't know if you could set have the height of the item be 200px, but have a minimum height of 20% of the page. If the page was made large enough so the 20% of the containing element was more that 200px, the element would take on a height of 20% of the page. You can be sure the height is AT LEAST the min height. Hope this helps!