How do you create a forum? what languages do you need?

There are many sites that make it for you like:

but just wanted to know how you would do it yourself, is it using php?

thank you for any input

As with many things in programming, there is more than one way to do something. You could pretty much use any server-side language with any database (or text file if you're cheap).

Basically all you need to do is make a server-side script (you don't have to use PHP, but it's not a bad idea) that draws posts and topics from the database, then print it on the screen. It's not as complex as it sounds but there is a lot that goes into making the page look nice, making your forum multi-lingual, and keeping it quick at runtime.


thanks for that, initially i assumed it would be client side because in a forum you can see the results straight away. I am just learning asp so need to start learning php etc

What languages do you thikn was used to make this forum? sorry i can't tell lol

This forum was made using PHP since in the copyright information at the bottom, it says "Powered by vBulletin". That's a PHP-powered board.

client side javascript can't interact with servers at all. You need php and mysql to make a form that stores the entered text in a database and can also retrieve and display it.