I have just uploaded my first video .avi to a web site. The Flash 8 encoder is real slick, works relatively well.

The procedure is also relatively simple

Without the video feature a regular .fla file is published and two additional files are created, the .swf file and the .html file.

When adding the video component, the encoder takes a video file and converts it to an .flv file. This has to be sent to the server along with video.swf file that is created and a skin file - .swf (a custom controller).

Just thought I would pass this information along. I am new to this forum and have no idea how much interest there is out there about this stuff.


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I agree, Dave. Flash video is very slick in what you can do with it. I've used it on several projects and think it could easily take over as the lead in the "new" streaming video craze.

That "streaming video craze" has got me all excited.


This is my direction.

Yes. It's definitely the format all the high-end professionals are using to deliver. It encodes with the highest compression to quality ratio and the streaming capabilities are second to none.

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