Since I started using style sheets I've grown to really like them. Recently a developer mentioned to me that I should stay away from them as they create more problems than they're worth.

I wanted to get some feedback from the folks here on DaniWeb.


todd smith

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HAHA, fire the developer, there's your feedback. Stylesheets promote a centralized design(reusability, consistency, etc.) They save time, are (most of the time) completely cross-browser compatible(you'll learn to hate IE6)

commented: Hahah. +1

Great! Thanks!


Likewise, fire the developer
trying to hide that they havent kept up with current best practice

Unambiguous : use CSS.


heart of webpage known as css

I agree with all of the above - no question :)

Thanks to you all for your suggestions. I am now using the CSS. It has proven interesting seeing the different results on Firefox and IE, but hey, it's a learning experience and once you get it formatted properly it's awesome!

Thanks again! todd smith

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