Hi All!
I am just beginning to learn flash. I barely know what tweening is, and my most complicated animation consists of 2 gears rotating each other in a 1:1 gear ratio which I made in Flash 5.
I noticed that newer versions such as Flash MX and Flash MX 2004 are out, and I decided that I should learn those versions rather then being satisfied with Flash 5.
I would like to know how to make a Flash-driven website, and I believe that I should learn the newer stuff, but I am confused about what the difference between MX and MX 2004...
Could someone give me an honest laydown of what they are (I have visited macromedia.com) and give me advice of what a beginning flash developer should learn?
-Soral 3.0

yeah i think you should go with flash mx 2004.

Thanks for input, but I would like to put another question out.
I work where I may have to be able to use flash MX and possible 5. I should be able to obtain my own copy of Flash MX 2004, but there are situations where I should be competent with the older versions.
I know there is a fairly significant difference between flash 5 and 2004 MX, so I will be sufficed with not being able to use flash 5.
But if I learn Flash MX 2004, is there enough backwards compatability so that I will be able to use flash MX efficiently?
-Soral 3.0

Start with the latest version and learn Actionscript 2. Your future in Flash depends on it.

all platforms of flash are good but the new flash 8 is absolutely flawlessly perfect
but otherwise flash mx is a good way to go

Is the new Flash 8 that good?

-Soral 3.0

flash 8 is great but for the $800 it only has a few new extras

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