Can anybody look here and tell me what's making my site's body turn out to be 1,440px wide??

Something on the page is rendering 1440 pixels wide.

The odd thing is that it is not that wide on my browser, which is on a monitor that is only 1152 pixels wide. I can see the entire page.

I found several html errors.

I suggest that you first use the W3C validator and fix the errors.

The actual page design looks fine. It's just that SOMETHING is crazy wide and you can scroll 1440px to the right!

The error was because I put wordpress's <?php wp_list_pages(); ?> without including it in a hard-coded <UL>

Very sorry. Just figured it out. one div was 6978px instead of 978px. Thanks for the effort!

Don't use px.

You have one pair of li tags not inside ul or ol tags.

I use px so that i can margin: 0 auto 0 auto to center. what is another way to do it w/o using px?

Don't use px.

For compatibility with different browsers and screen resolutions, define sizes as either % or em.