Ok i have a profile on myspace that I am working on and have run int a problem..... I think the thread label is right but let me know as well...

In the modules that i have on the page i am trying to add a background image but here is the trick i want that image to be transparent so that you can see the pages background image thru it. When set the transparency everything in the module went transparent i dont want the text to go transparent. So was told to try and use some html coding inside the module to add a picture and make just that transparent.

I think that would work but now it is trying to get the answer that i am looking for if anyone knows a site or the coding to use to be able to do that please let me know thanks

You can't do it that way. You have to make an image with a transparent color in it.

Usually this must be a .gif image. You create the image in an image editor, using a specific color you do not want in the image. You designate that color to be the transparent color. Then, when you save the file, you tell the editor that you want this color to become the transparent color.

Note that this does not work very well with a photograph.

Are you wanting to see one image overlaid on the other, with both visible in the same place? If so, you need to create a grid of transparent pixels interleaved with the pixels of the top image.

Let see, The page has the main background image... Then has a bunch of modules around the page. I was able to add a background image to each module but not different pictures. Then was able to make the module transparent but i dont want the entire module transparent i just want the modules background image transparent so you see through one image to the web pages main background image.