i am web designer i know the dreamverver,flash,photoshop,html(basic)
i want to learn the advance in web designing so please help me.
after compliting these course which course i do.(can i learn php,javascript,..........?) i confused what i do plz help me!

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Go to http://www.w3schools.com/ and read the HTML, Javascript, PHP and CSS tutorials. After you *fully* understand them try to make a cool website (without WYSIWYG). If you don't know how to do something, use Google and the reference of the language you are working with on w3schools.

I recommend installing Apache HTTP server if you want to learn PHP & MySQL.

If you want to make professional & interactive websites learn AJAX.

Good luck!

PS: Sorry for the bad English.


Yes, learning advance webprogramming languages will improve your confidence in webdevelopment industry. I will advice you to decide your niche first.. ie web-designing or web-development ?
based on your interest & skill go with one !!!
All the best :)

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