yeah cause i ned to save my sites backup files somewhere and i dont know if this is the right cateogry but i dont know mods can chagne it but does anyone know where to upload site backup files for safe keeping for free? cause they can get kind of big

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Have you though of storing them on your computer/memory stick or CD perhaps?
I know you can store up to 25GB on sky drive for free.
Does your Host not offer online backups?

no they offer backups just i was wonderin where to store them in case my computer got u know crashed or something and the site got lost or something. microsoft skydrive has a limit of 50mb per upload. i never thot of flash drive or usb stick i forgot about those. i guess that would be the best bet wouldnt it? no limit to filesize?

If it were me I would create an archive of the site and burn it to CD-R and keep a copy on the PC.

Burning to a CD-R gives you a permanent backup and if you have multiple backups on a disk you can roll back to the one required, just incase the last backup had something wrong with it.

It is quite easy to erase information on a USB stick I have accidentally done it quite a few times.

cd-r that means rewriteable? is that better than dvds?

cd-r that means rewriteable? is that better than dvds?

no no. CD-R is writable, CD-RW is rewriteable.

CD-R's are cheaper than DVD's. CD-R's can be burnt too faster as well.
A DVD holds more data though. If you site backup is less than 700MB us CD-R otherwise use a DVD-R.

FYI CD's hold approx. 700MB, DVD's hold approx. 4.7GB.

oh i want to get a dvd rw if i have large site and backup every week?

That sounds reasonable, I'd get a few DVD-RW and fill them with backups then when you run out of space get rid of the old backups and replace with new ones.

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I develop my websites using my own computer, so the backup is really the version on the WEB. If it crashes I can just upload again.

The exception here is dynamic data like the database(s). I'm not familiar with scheduled backups of DBs, but I guess you could have it done at regular intervals and download the files(s) at your convenience.

There are many ways to store your backups locally. Some have been suggested already. Personally, I use external HDs. 1000 GB doesn't cost much nowadays, and it's a once only expense (Well, more or less! :) )

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