I am new at css and I just wanted a hoover that would trigger at the time of mouseover (kind of obvious I guess) but I can't get the positioning right. So basically what I would like is when you enter your page for the first time you get a form, I would insert an image instead. that is enhanced by having a black background around it.

Pls... I have tried everything. I also noticed that you got the right position in both browsers..
Thank you,

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I don't quite understand what you mean?
You can trigger children elements on hover like:

body:hover form {background:red;}
body:hover div#form-cover { display:visible; }
#form-cover { position:absolute; z-index:20; background:black; margin-top:-(1/2 height of the element)px; margin-left:-(1/2 width of the element)px; height:(height of element)px; width:(width of element)px; }

Sorry, since I have to add bigger pictures and clean up a little, I have it here temporarily:


Thank you so much! It is actually working now, I used the lightbox code and I will be happy to donate to them.

Ok, here it is their site, I should have linked to what I wanted!

Here it is my site:

It was so easy to follow their instructions!>

Thank you!

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