I am wondering what is the best way to prevent users from getting too impatient after they click a submit button. I want to disable the submit button somehow after they click it the first time. I have seen other sites that foward the user to a "Please wait while we process your request" screen.

My problem is that many of the reports users are running can take upwards of a minute, and I see many users getting impatient and clicking submit multiple times.

Any help is -greatly- appreciated.



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So far I have been getting great results...thanks for your help!!

No problem... which solution did you opt for?

As I was in a pretty critical situation, I opted for the just greying out of the buttons. I am now looking in to ways to either forward the user to a dummy temporary page, i.e. "please wait while we process your request" (maybe a little bar graphic as well), before I return the results to the user. At least for now the user will not be able to flood the web servers though :)

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