I'm presently using tripod/lycos for my website and have some long web forms on there and don't have a problem receiving the data. I'm trying to transfer to godaddy and am having a problem with my "submit" button. "Reset" does work. Sometimes the "submit" button is not available (grayed out) and if it is available, it goes to an error page. I'm not getting help from their staff . This is what I have.

<FORM ACTION="/bin/script_library/form_handler_mail"      METHOD=POST ACTION="mailto:info@info.com">
           <INPUT type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit">                                                 
           <INPUT type="reset" value="Reset" name="submit">

It works on tripod/lycos and goes to a "thank you" page.
ALSO, how do I direct it to go to our website....let's just call it "info.com" ?


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I dont know anything about tripod/lycos but from the code you have provided, in order to change where the page goes to after submission, you are going to have to edit the file referred to in teh action atttribute.

As to why the submit button is greyed out, unfortunately nothing in the code provided can explain that one.

Best thing will be to contact their support and not give up until they answer you.

Maybe the problem is that there are two action attributes in your form tag.

I too think the problem is either with:
1. 2 'action' attribute for the same form
2. Both submit and reset have the same 'name'

Do let us know if you could solve the issue; also if you got some other lead to the issue. Might help others who might encounter similar issues.

Thank you both!!!!

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