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So here is the deal. I have to create a webpage for a bodybuilding fitness club. The problem is that i don't know where to start. Also, am a uni student doing various modules like Database systems(we are using Postgre SQL), Interface Design and computer Graphics(OpenGL, Maya, Google SketchUP) and Web Tech(HTML, CSS, Javascript).

From what i have, I want to use all these resources all together to make up my web page efficiently.

Can you show me a realistic path that can lead me to create my web page from the tools am currently learning? By that i mean where should i start for .e.g. design the database first or think about the page layout and so on.
Also, how should i make efficient use of all these tools to build up the page?

Kind regards,

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You can use a CMS if you have any difficulty to find a solution for you. A CMS is Content Management System, and if you use a CMS, you will save a lot of time for sure. :cool:

Try CSS,HTML first and then move to build a website with PHP,Mysql ,etc .

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