hello, I am trying to get my online business off the ground. We have a lot of good ideas however being the hardware geeks we are, we are hardly artists or web designers.


We could really use some oppinions on how to improve the design before we change our current to this one.
Thank you in advanced.

The dropdown menus are not under the tabs that open them, so they close before you can get the cursor to them.

What browser and resolution are you using?

I would suggest that your "little man" image would be a .png, because gif's dont support further than 1-bit transparency, png's do (use photoshop/gimp to soften the borders). Then the image would look more clean. It would be usefull if you animated it with javascript instead of with flash, so the image would have a one by one degree rotation.

It would be nice if you added a different style to the active tabs, so people would know where they're standing.

The rest is exellent for me.

Overall the site isn't bad. The banner is a bit big though and i would never use times new roman font for anything. I suggest arial for smaller font and arial black for bigger font. Your drop-down menu system is quite messed up. Your images need to be of better quality as well. One thing i do like is that you have kept the number of colors to a minimum. This makes the site look more professional and appealing to the customer. Your homepage is quite long and i suggest adding a "TOP" link towards the bottom. I would do this for all pages that are like that or add a footer.

thank you kkeith29, i will take that all under advisement. I am working on the drop down menu problem however i do not have much experience in javascript/html and am have trouble making it compatbile with other resolutions and browsers. I do have quite a bit of programming experience in C languages, and so i understand the mechanics of programming however with this language and functions being reletivly unknown to me the proper method escapes me.

any help with this would be helpful

The webpage cannot be found

Not a good sign :-\

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