I need to make <div> </div> to have rounded corner.
I wonder what other technique than putting rounded image at corner can be used to make them round. Is it Javascript or what? CSS?

Look at this site with rounded corners

I don't want to use CMS like joomla or whatever

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Rounded corners can also be applied via JS, but you'd be better off looking at a pure css/html solution. Try, if possible, to keep the integrity of your html and not include too much 'design' markup. Including loads of divs and spans make for really messy markup.

Tell you what - try Google > "rounded corners" css. You'll be amazed that there are webpages with this very info available for free. ;)

javascript and CSS here, its not Ie6 friendfly though.

Thanks guys,
I wanted to know the technique behind rounded corners

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The site you showed uses images. Here's one of the rounded corner images on that site:
Rounded corners (other than by images) is something that is part of CSS3. Check out http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-background/

This CSS3 technique (border-radius) works fine for Mozilla/webkit browsers, but not IE (not even IE8 - as far as I know). IE requires a 'fallback' method which probably includes extra markup - be it divs or spans.

See http://www.css3.info/preview/rounded-border/ if you're interested in CSS3, but don't mind ignoring IE.

Agreed that this is more of a HTML/CSS question. Moving it over there. Carry on :)

Agreed that this is more of a HTML/CSS question. Moving it over there. Carry on :)

Thanks buddy,
its is not a problem, since I know now it is CSS issue. Should I post to JavaScript forum too, seeing that there is some JS ;)

i wouldnt advise doing this simple task in javascript. most like plain and simple tables with backgroud images will do the trick. css. no javascript. if u want to see a sample of my previous workk u can pm me for the screenshot

if you will post a code here it will help others searching for the same thing

Man that is big! Really big!!!!!!
I love the simplicity and power of that tutorial ;)

yeah i love paint.net
i got it for free too! where ive seen most people have to buy it because they dont know its free LOL

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