Hi, can anyone provide me with an easy code that would display my blogger posts in my website. ?
Tried googling about blogger widgets. Any site that would be helpful will also do.

Couldn't find anything useful :(


your blgger outputs an rss feed, use feed2html, feed2js feed2php, or any other plugin feed reader script to read the external feed and put it on your web page
google has all these plugins that you can put your rss source in

the blogger helpscreens say this is the url http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss
to plug into a feed reader script

its only hard if you havent done it once already, after the first time you know what to google for
pretty much any rss feed reader can take the rss feed off any site and display it on any other site, in your choice of window/popup/widget rollover

long winded answer,
I get like that when I have only done it once, makes me nervous

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