I normally don't dabble to much in XHTML, but I have been doing up a website for my business and I have hit a wall with the development.

I found some inconsistencies with different browsers. So I carefully went back in Photoshop and made rulers and made sure all my image sizes were all matching and correct with the correct amount of whitespace around the edges. But that wasn't the issue! As it is still happening. I have tried every combo (that I know of and that a search could deliver) for correcting the issue, but still it has not panned out.

I have some nested tables. Perhaps this the issue. (even though it has never caused me grief before)
Here are which browsers are good and which are not ->

On OS X ->
Opera -> Displays Perfect, Chrome-> Displays Perfect!

On Windows ->Chrome -> Displays perfect! Firefox -> Extra spacing in Tables! Explore -> Extra spacing in Tables!

Please see the attached screen capture of the browsers side by side. I have also attached an image with all table and nested table borders="1", this is for 2 reasons. 1 so you can see the table layout. 2. Because with this turned on the page has the exact same spacing as the misaligned pages in Firefox/Explorer which makes me thing though they are set to "0" the browser is still spacing them like they are there.

I am sure there is some logical fix, but as I am not a master of XHTML, so I don't know it. Thus I hope you guys can help.

I hope someone can help... Thanks in advance!

Ok I am off to bed now.


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cant help you, but I can make it easier for those who know how to asnwer, to be able to help you, the screen shots are useless to anyone
post the code of the page, between
[code=html] put code here

code tags so that one of the html mavens can sort out the issues, tables are very 1980s

I took out the tables.. again everything worked fine in OS X... but in Firefox / Explorer same misalignment issues..

I removed the <a> tags from around the images and it is correctly spaced. How do I make it so the browser doesn't blow out the spacing with the anchor tags?????!?!?!?!



img {
	vertical-align: baseline;

That didn't help but I went back and redesigned the page.

Thanks for trying anyway.

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