I'm trying to use the Son of Suckerfish dropdown menu to make the drop-down menu for a site I'm working on. The dropdown looks fine in FF3, but on IE7 (the only other browser I've tested it on so far) it's got some problems.
I've posted an example of the drop-down menu here:

If you're using IE7, mouse over the "Listen" menu. The first problem you'll probably notice is that there's way too much white space under "Jazz". It's actually the same amount of space that the Jazz submenu takes up. If you mouse over "Jazz", you'll also notice that the submenu starts further down than it should.

The other problem is that for some reason, the <h2> subtitle shows through the menu, and I can't seem to tuck it back behind it.

If anyone could point out what I'm doing wrong, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, if you have any suggestions for a different multi-level drop down menu that I should use instead, please let me know.


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Tested this in IE8. The h2 doesn't show on top of the dropdown, but the large white space is still there under "Jazz", and the submenu is still too low.

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