I have a well developed and well thought out idea for a website, and I want to run it by someone who might want to take me up on it. What do I do?
Thank you!

Let us know what it is? Post in the Website Reviews forum. Post in the IT Job Offers forum? I'm not sure without more information. :)

I'm afraid of giving the ideas away. This may be an illegitimate concern, but I don't really know where to go with this. Are there companies that take on website ideas?
Thank you

If you have some unique idea you can come up with a website using it.

You might want to run it by someone you trust that knows how to build websites. That's what I would do.


Thank you for your advice. It's the most useful advice I've gotten thus far. But, no one I know knows how to build websites. I'm stuck!

Find someone local to you. Get a non-disclosure agreement written up. Make the local web designer sign it before talking talking to them about your idea. Then at least you have some legal recourse if necessary.