I have a drop down select menu that has about 700px worth of text in each option and i need the select box to be 300px wide. So i changed the width in the CSS to fit my layout however in IE the actual portion that drops down stays 300px wide which does not allow the user to view the entire option.

Is there a way to control the width of the drop down section?


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show the existing css,

OK, so it is an HTML select box BTW, i read the title after i posed and relized it looks likei m using a CSS drop down menu but im not. here is the select box code:

<select name="ctl00$pageContent$ddlVariationGroup103" onchange="javascript:setTimeout('__doPostBack(\'ctl00$pageContent$ddlVariationGroup103\',\'\')', 0)" id="ctl00_pageContent_ddlVariationGroup103" class="select">
							<option value="Select Filter Parts">
								Select Filter Parts
							</option><option value="2233" selected="selected">
								2 - Pressure Gauge, 1/4&quot; 81060BU
							</option><option value="2234">
								8 - Manual High Flow Air Relief Valve Assembly 98209804

Here is the CSS for it, super simple just tells the box to be 300px

.select {

Very helpful, THANKS!

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