Please could someone find out why the website i have made for a client is completely screwed up in Internet Explorer but pretty much perfect in Mozilla Firefox.

Problems in IE:

1. Cells in tables are centered
2. Footer is not in line and looks bad
3. On the contact page the menu is not right

The website is:<URL SNIPPED>

Thank you all very much in advance!!!

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Post the code that causes the problem, not a url to the site
It is not anyones job to go to your site copy everything, find the error, fix it and repost it, you will get more assistance if all the person has to do is look at the post and write 'line 3 xxx should be yyy'


you sure there is a problem? i had a quick look in ie and it looks fine to me. if problem persist my suggestion is to give alignment to everything.
<tr align="left"> and so on.


Use IE conditional comments

<!--[if IE]>
		<link href="styles/IE.css" rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css"/>

To make IE behave differently than FF. This will add a separate CSS sheet that FF won't see so you can make IE behave differently and fix it's problem. There are different conditional comments for each version of IE.

Explained here.

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For each cell in htm table that you use you have to specify the alignment. Otherwise it'll surely look different in different browsers. In IE the default alignment is "center" and in Firefox the alignment is "left". So if you won't specify any alignment for each cell it'll look surely different. So please specify alignment for everything that you specify in a webpage especially if ou are planning to upload the page in Internet.


Think the OP left the building guys?

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