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When we save a web page using Save As option, we see a folder created with all images used in the web page. I want to prevent this copy of my images on local disk.
Is there any option in HTML to do this?


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there are many, 'copy proof' ideas, none actually work, they may make it more difficult, but not very
the image is downloaded to tif to display, the user can copy it at will
serve images copyright watermarked and at a screen-quality resolution so that it is not worthwhile to keep

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Anyone can capture the screen and crop. Not worth the hassle. Even background images (css/style) can be copied like this or via "Inspect Element" in Chrome or equivalents in other browsers. I've come to realise that anything I create and publish can be ripped off. That's the nature of today's web. Having said that, everybody plunders the image tab in Google for pics. I'm not saying it's right, just a fact. Watermark/logostamp if you must.

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