Hi, I'm about finished with my first website. Everything works in firefox and IE except that the horizontal scroll bar appears in IE. I set the overflow to hidden and it works except I lose the verticle scrollbar in firefox, any suggestions?
Also, I should be testing with Safari soon and wanted to ask what should I expect? Is Safari close to Firefox? Thanx.

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gecko (NS/FF) and webkit (Chrome/Safari) are similar coz they're standards compliant. IE sucks (even 8). I won't start to rant.

What is the overflow element? The whole page? This isn't a good idea.

If just an element, fiddle with the width/height.

There again, you could try this:

html { overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical; }

for FF.

I don't know if webkit has a similar property.

As @ardav said not sure what you are putting the overflow on, the issue with IE is that the browser window is a different size you need to make sure that if your site is a fixed size it is under 930px or if it is a fluid width then it needs to be 100% with the overflow set to none ON THE CONTAINING DIV not any HTML or BODY element.