Google keeps saying my sitemap is partially indexed, but I have all my pages listed. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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A Google sitemap is just a guide to direct google towards which of your pages you put more value in. It is no guarantee they will actually be indexed. In fact, Google is no more likely to spider more pages with a sitemap than without. If your Google pagerank allows for XXX pages to be indexed, then XXX pages will be indexed whether you've submitted a sitemap or not. A sitemap is just used to help specify which of those XXX pages you want indexed, and, in Google's own words, makes for a smarter crawl. To get more pages indexed, put more value into your search engine optimization techniques. :)

Thank you. I really need to learn more about search engine optimization. Just knowing where to begin is a great help. When you only have 10 people a day visiting your website, you're not exactly rocking the world wide web!

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