Hi, I need some help with something. So, I was checking my things on the Internet like I always do, so all my Hyperlinks were purple, but the thing is when I went to check another thing of mine, the link was blue.

It was impossible for that to happen because I go to that everyday. I went back to check my other things, but all the hyperlinks were blue, too.

What exactly happened and how can I get everything back to purple?

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in html you can change the link colors this way:>>
enter this code between <body here </body>, or copy this code to your html page

style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"
alink="#ff0000" link="#0000fd" vlink="#6600cc"> // link colors
<a href="http://home.html">Home</a><br>
<a href="http://contact.html">Contact</a><br>
<a href="http://facebook.com">facebook</a><br>
<a href="http://somelink.html">somelink</a>

alink is the active link color; link is the link color;
vlink is the visited link color

the link color you see on pages you visit each day,
reflects the fact you have visited the site before, that link is referenced in your history so shows as 'visited'
If you clear the history, the site link will go back to the standard 'not visited' color.
either you have cleared your browser history, or some maintenance program, (spybot mbam superantispyware, all do it), has cleared your history
the link should return to the 'visited' color until you clear the history again

Thanks, but I have no idea what you just said. Explain it more clearly.

I don't think I did clear my history. Oh, well. Thanks.

I don't think I did clear my history. Oh, well. Thanks.

Hi. Open your webbrowser (mozilla, or internet explorer etc.) and
push the buttons: ctrl-shift-h (this buttons are showing the history) and then select the history today, last week etc. and then right click on the mouse and delete it. enjoy :)

It's also worth increasing the the number of days of history that your browser stores. In Firefox the default is only 30 days. I usually change that to 999 days so you have almost 3 years worth of history stored. That makes it easy to find pages you have visited before.

In Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Privacy and change the number to whatever you wish.

Let me give you an easier tip. Try to change the colour by not highlighting all the text that is link. It will allow you to change colour. All you need to do later is to retype the text. You don't need to know how to code HTML when you use this method.

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If your CSS is set up correctly, there should be no problem. If your visited colour is not described in the CSS, you may find that the browser's default style will take over. Links should follow the LoVe HAte format (Link-Visited-Hover-Active):


Sorry if this is all old hat.

AlmostBob had it right. You NEED to CLEAR the history to get back to the virgin state. However, you don't want to clear your history (even just this site) all the time. Code your CSS 'correctly'. If the visited style is the same as the link style - no prob. If they're different, changing the browser history cleanup period will help, but I don't know if you can do selective sites via this method - by changing it to 1 day (to regain virgin state) - you lose all your history.

I don't want it back to the virgin state. I want to be purple, always.

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I don't want it back to the virgin state. I want to be purple, always.

OK, I misunderstood. Check your history reset period then.


I was checking my stuff again and all the hyperlinks were purple, but the thing is when it turned midnight, everything went back to blue! That happened last time, too!

Why is it that everytime I'm on my Vista labtop longer pst midnight, it always does that!?!

Can someone PLEASE HELP ME!!!

check how long you retain history for on your pc
somewhere in the internet settings
IF every 24hours the list of visited sites is being reset, then its likely history is only being retained for 24 hours
[internet options]

<< has a penchant for the obvious,
the obvious is not noticed when everybody thinks its TOO obvious

I know how to do that, already. Still, I don't know why my Vista labtop always changed the hyperlinks back to blue when it turns midnight.

I just wanna know how to change hyperlinks to blue to purple faster, without having to click on link one by one.

Okay, new problem!

There something seriosuly wrong with my labtop recently. You know how your history is supposed to be saved when you turn off your labtop? Yeah, well, yesterday when I turned on my labtop in the morning everything was suddenly back to its virgin state! Everything!

I was logged in to any of my accounts, like my Yahoo or my wiki communties account. And every hyperlinks were blue again! However, I was so busy trying to get everything back to normal, I didn't ask myself why that happened.

And today, when I went on it, everything was the way I left it since last night. However, I had to turn my labtop off when I have to go and get a haircut, and when I got back, everything was back to its virgin state again!

What the heck is going on! Can someone please help me!? This is been doing for two days, already!

I had to a System Recovery all because I didn't want to waste my time clicking everything again!

I didn't know what the hell what was going on.

Is your CSS defined with link and visited both set to purple at present?
Maybe the browser does not understand the color keyword? Try doing the color in hex format.
The CSS should override everything and give you the right color.
What happens if you refresh th browser screen?

If you're asking me when I click on a link and if it turns purple, then yes it does that!

The problem isn't if the color changes purple, then problem is that it seems everytime I shut off my freakin' labtop, the whole restarts back to its virgin state!

It's like I never been there before, you know?

Everything I clicked on his back to the blue, I'm logged out of my account and they can't even remember my password when that little box pops up asking me if I want to remember this password on the computer next time!

It's like everything is just...back to its orginal state before I come along and click on it.

This is a forum about coding html/css. I think you have a browser issue, be it corrupted files or settings, take your pick.
Maybe check the settings first for what prefernces you want, if that looks OK. Reinstall the browser.

I thought you had a code issue! You have the wrong forum!

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