Please take a look at http://www.jeanbrunone.com/ie/real.html.

I cannot get the rounded corners to line up correctly in IE. Please notice the woman's hair does not line up and misalignment in the navigation.

For every element that needs rounded corners I have set the background to an image with two rounded corner at the bottom and created an empty div at the very beginning of the element with a class of "rndCap" and set its background to an image with two rounded corners at the top. You'll see this in real.html and ie.css.

I have been at it for days. I read many tutorials. Trial and error isn't working. What I need is an experienced coder's help. What do I need to do? Make the image bigger?Smaller? Reset the margin? I tried everything I could think of. Many thanks in advance for helping me it is very much appreciated.

Truth of the matter is you going about it all wrong, you approaching it, like its a table. The way i would do it, is image sprites. left and right corner. position them absolute to container div (which would be relative). Personal opinion aside. Add this to your css. Should do the trick

* {
	outline: 0;
	padding: 0;
	margin: 0;
	border: 0;

If you already have a global reset. Try using conditional comments since IE is giving you the problems