Hi im not sure if I'm explaining this right or if I'm in the right place. I have built a website but when ever you hold the mouse over an image or link a little box appears right next to the mouse with a couple of words so the link title or the number of the picture,

does anyone have any ideas on how I can hide it or not show it at all?

I hope some one can help


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alt and title attributes are a required part of the html specs
the page will operate if you remove them from your image tags, if there is nothing in 'alt="alttext"' it does not display an empty box, but

  • the page will not validate,
  • be down-graded by search engines,
  • inaccessible to screen readers, which depending on your location and the intent of local legislation on accessibility, gets you sued
  • unhelpful to vistors

and its generally a bad idea,
better is to ensure the displayed data is correct and helpful


is there a way to hide it from veiw but it still be there for search engins and readers?


Why do you want to do this? Most webdevs/designers would go the extra mile to make the site as accessible as possible. You may find a js script to do this, but it doesn't sound like a good idea to me.


Also, the text got there because YOU put it there...

Ardav's post above sums it up - most people try hard to include this for good reasons like accessibility. It's a bit like objecting to your car having brakes because you want to drive fast, not slow.

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