Hello everyone, thank you in advance for any help you might be able to offer. i am designing a webpage using dreamweaver - I don't use code (NO idea where to begin there) but I'm able to do the basic things like links and inserting flash docs (which I'm able to do to a basic standard)
I've been experimenting with frames so I can have a template (top with company banner + logo / navigation to its left) and a list of names down the left hand slde of the page beneath the logo. I'd like everything to remain constant except the bottom right frame, in which I'd like different flash images to appear when seperate neames are clicked.

But can I do this? NO. NO no no no no! Why? WHY? Why does the list of names not appear in my browser when I preview? Why cant I get the darn thing to just let me put a frame into an HTML page without a frameset, cause lord knows the frameset IS NOT HELPING ME!! Please can anyone tell me, is there a way to create what i want without using those horrible, evil frames?

Thanks very much, as you can see, I'm a little tense about this...

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There are two ways to do that. First is to make a script. Second is to make a link(which is probably what you want). To do that first of all provide a name for the first frameset(in which you want to see picture). Then in the link button set the target to the name of the frameset button. You could see these name and target keyword in prperty panel. You'll get what you want, hope so.


Are you sure frames is the right way to go about this. Maybe for a hobby website but I would not recommend it for anything serious. It looks very bad but you can achieve basically the same results using include files. However, unfortunately this is scripting.


Thanks very much - I'm going to see a bit of a guru tomorrow, I'll ask him about it!

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