Hi all. I have some questions that may cover multiple forums, but I think this is the most appropriate.

I have been working on my wife's new website. You can see its current state here:
The following questions apply both to the home page and one of the sub-pages.

Question 1
How likely is it that a non-CSS capable browser will access the site?
Keep in mind that the common users for Melissa's site will be non-technical people. For that reason, I've had to make some significant concessions to IE and javascript (instead of the beautiful, pure-CSS site I originally designed before I realized how horribly broken IE is).

I have tested the browser in FF, Opera, Safari, IE6 & IE7, Netscape, and Lynx.

The site is designed to degrade gracefully if the user's browser does not support CSS. While nice, this prevents the page from properly validating as HTML 4.01 Strict, since I use a few Transitional elements in the tags. But I cannot declare it as Transitional or IE 7 goofs up.

Obviously, I'm a fair novice at this HTML wizardry. The main reason for the no-CSS powers is to support textual browsers like Lynx. Does anyone know percentages for the likelihood that I really need the page to downgrade to non-CSS?

Question 2
Is it possible to position an element as "fixed" in one dimension only?
One of the design ideas was to have the menu on the left side of the sub-pages such that it was always fully visible no matter how far down the page you scrolled. The IE5&6 hack allowed me to do something interesting: lock it in one dimension only. It will stay "fixed" when scrolling vertically, but it will scroll with the rest of the page when scrolling horizontally. That's cool!

Can I do the same thing with pure CSS? (For use in FF, IE7+, Opera, etc?)

Question 3
Did I preload images properly?
I still seem to get a little apparent lag when hovering. Is there a way I can check to see that the images are, in fact, being preloaded? Or did I miss something?

Thank you all for your kindness and time.


1. How likely is it that a non-CSS capable browser will access the site?
Very unlikely! because almost all browsers supports CSS.

But with lynx? i haven't had a visitor using the browser in my website. So i don't know if there are people using this. :)

2.Is it possible to position an element as "fixed" in one dimension only?


3. Did I preload images properly?

You can use javascript to preload this images.

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