This issue only happens in FF (IE and Chrome seem to work fine).

I have a Spry paged dataset (at bottom of page with big blue arrows.)

dealpigeon dot com/indexMore.php

When I change the page in a paged region (by clicking on arrow), it is refreshed as expected.

But in FF another unrelated DIV above the region is also getting refreshed. Which is annoying to see. I do not want my users to have that experience.

This is stopping me from moving this page to production.
Please help, I am clueless as to why this is happening.


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Without seeing the code, I can only guess, but I think there might be an unclosed tag somewhere. I'm not sure which DIV is refreshing, but when I look at the page in FF apart from Chrome, I do not get the deal list on the left. The dropdown box only shows {@desc} and lists 1 item {@line} with {@finalprice}. It's possible the other browsers see the same bug, but either ignore or are able to assume a correction and move on.

I opened up the FF error console and see the following:

Warning: Expected declaration but found '/'. Skipped to next declaration.
Source File: http://dealpigeon.com/css/styles-index.css
Line: 382

Warning: Error in parsing value for 'filter'. Declaration dropped.
Source File: http://dealpigeon.com/css/styles-index.css
Line: 952

Though I doubt this is a CSS issue, it does raise a flag of some possible areas to check in the code.



That should not happen. You should see the site properly if you have javascript enabled. Site needs javascript.


Now I am more worried if you can't even see it.
Do you have javascript enabled ?



Well now I feel like a complete idiot, I forgot I disabled JS in FF the other day while working on another project.

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