could u please tell me about action script i wanna learn flash action script from where i can learn from begging
please tell me..............

Have you tried this?? heh heh! :)

But seriously, you haven't given us much to go on. Which version of flash/actionscript do you want to learn?
Are you going to be using one of the official Adobe/Macromedia Flash IDE's? If so, which one?
If not, do you plan to use AS3/MXML with the free Adobe Flex SDK? Or are you planning on using some other 3rd party flash development software? (e.g. FlashDevelop, MiniBuilder, Swishmax etc.)

Also are you running Windows, Mac or *nix?

Cheers for now,

actually i wanna macro media flash i can animate & making but don't know about action script so that's why i want to learn action script from begging so that i can understand easily

Well if you're using Flash 8, there are lots of tutorials and examples that ship with flash (open up the IDE and check out the help menu and the help system).

I can't remember the path to the actual files for the examples that ship with flash 8 (all of my Windows machines are dead..I'm currently running *nix, so I can't check either!) but the paths should be documented in the help. Try a few of the examples and tutorials. From what I remember the tutorials and examples range from absolute beginner to advanced...You'll soon pick things up!

Also google for actionscript 2 tutorials, there are thousands of tutorials out there on the web. There are also lots of books available for AS2 / flash 8. As flash 8 is so old, 2nd hand copies of the books should be available for relatively low prices.

There is also the official actionscript 2 online reference hosted on the Adobe livedocs website which documents every aspect of Actionscript 2.

Cheers for now,

Just google it for basic tutorials, If you are new to actionscript, then start with AS3.0 basics if you know Oops, otherwise start with AS2.0

what could you do with actionscript?

Whatever you do in other programming languages and more than that is Animation thru actionscript. If you utilizing 1000 frames for an animation you can control that in a single line. you can create gallery, you will connect database with some additional plugins, you can create e-learning tutorials. Totally it will add more interactivity to the user.

try adobe flash'z inbuilt help ;) its the best ..