I'm trying to get my footer to stick at the bottom of my page, but it is proving very difficult. I have read all the tutorials with CSS, but I keep on messing it up somehow. Please help :)

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It can't be done in a way that works on all computers, browsers, screen resolutions, aspect ratios, numbers of extra toolbars installed, and restored-down window sizes.

Stop trying. This is not Microsoft Word. If you want a footer that always stays at the bottom of the page, use Word, and print the document. Then tape it to your monitor.

If your boss is demanding this, he needs to understand that it is impossible.

Many people have come up with kludges that work on a specific browser, a specific screen resolution and aspect ratio, on only those computers that allow scripts blocked by popup blockers, or only when the window is maximized with no extra toolbars. But there is no standard way to do it that always works.

The web is not designed to do this. It was not intended when the web was designed. So no way to do it is provided. There are two things you can't reliably do on a web page:

1. Make your content exactly fit the browser viewport.

2. Place content at the very bottom of the viewport.

Just put your footer at the bottom of your content. or better yet, don't make a footer.

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It isn't my boss, it's me I'm making this for.

And yeah, I have decided to put my footer just at the bottom of my page. Thanks.


one method, excusing inline style, poor practice <div style='top:auto;right:auto;bottom:0;left:auto;position:fixed;'>footer</div>

So no way to do it is provided. There are two things you can't reliably do on a web page:

of course we will pretend not to notice the footer at the bottom of this page. ↓ . Grins

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