Hello, I am trying to get my 'logo' (which is just css text based) to be level as my navigation. I am having trouble with this, it is always above my navigation. I'd like my logo to be left, and the navigation right. I'm sure its something very simple, a link to view this is: http://mgndesign.com/draft/

I'm also having issues trying to get a little triangle (spike.gif) to appear under the link of a current page. For instance, it won't appear on rollover, but just when someone is on a certain page. I've enclosed a link to an image of how I'd like to do this. http://mgndesign.com/draft/images/about_example.gif

Can anyone help me with either of these issues? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Change the padding-top of the #menu ul li

Are you using div tags positioning? If so, use float left and float right properties in your css.

I changed the padding top of

#menu ul li

and it didn't get it to the same level...anyone have other ideas??

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