Hey guys I hope someone can give me a hand here.

The site I'm making can be found at www.tomobrien.com/v2/index.php

You can see at the bottom of the page my footer is a few pixels shy of being the full width of the screen. I can't figure out why? It's only parent element is body which has no width set so it should be the full width of the screen.

And when I do put a 100% width on the body it's indented by about 5 pixels on the left.

Please help!

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there is only a parking notice

at least 3/4 of the parking page is blocked as malware
and I'm not going to disable the block

post the html and css of the page, the source view is useless for a php page

Sorry almost bob I made a mistake. it's a .ie domain not .com

I'll edit my above post. Sorry about that!

There is no php being used on the main page except to generate the A B C... links in the nav so viewing the source should be fine for the footer.

If you'd still prefer for me to post the css I'll do that no problem!

Edit: Ok I can't edit the original post for some reason. If a mod could do it that would be great! The url is www.tomobrien.ie/v2/index.php

the time limit is 30 minutes on editing
the .ie version works
consider nailing the dotcom as well for future expansion or name recognition,

looking at the css

there is no width set for the body, so you get the browser defaults

#footer{ width:100%; height:23px; background-image:url('../img/site_layout/footer_gradient.gif'); background-repeat:repeat-x; 	margin-top:40px; margin-bottom:-8px; text-align:center; }

try also to get away from pixels for layout
px dont work, on any monitor except yours the layout may be totally unviewable, users leave in droves if there are horizontal scroll bars, mice dont have hscroll wheels
and if they have a widescreen, most of the screen is unoccupied

px dont adjust to user preference
px become vanishingly small on hi res-monitors, annoyingly large on low res (like handheld) devices
current best practice is ems , % for anything except an image, images are pixel sized
using a relative scale, like an em or %, allows for accessibility,
blind freddy to set his basefont to 100px,
your site adjusts to a font that blind freddy can read, based around 100% or 1em being 100px
for blind freddy, 14px might as well be 1pxto any visually impaired person named Fred, blind freddy is an archetype not an individual

I like your good tips about footer manage on our webpage.


Thanks for the help guys, i figured out my problem anyways, I hadn't reset the body's margin.



Thanks for the help guys, I sorted out my problem. I had forgotten to reset my body's margins. The following css fixed it:

.footer {
    width: 1000px;

use that example and edit the 1000 pixels hope I helped

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