I am using dreamweaver for the first time, want to use flash to have my pictures either appear and disappear or go from small to large will the dreamweaver directions explain how to do this or will I hhave to find out through my Flash??

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Can you please provide better explanation of what exactly do you expect us to help you with?
Why? Because I will try to explain you how to enlarge image in flash and all what you whant it from me is, how to get with click on thumbnail large version of image.
So please specify what exactly you whant...

sorry thought I had explained. I am working for the first time with dreamweaver. I am putting up a page with my writing and want to put up illustrations of the characters. I need to know if i have to do the work in flash and bring it over to dreamweaver or is there a way to do it right in dreamweaver

OK, if I understud correctly, images are done with flash. If so it is not complicated to do roll-over effect in Flash. Just create new symbol of type button. For each action apply your image with some change(enlarge, reduce, move to different place, swap for another), example up status image small and over status enlarge your image. You can find simple tutorial in your Flash help menu and also plenty on net.
Appear and disappear are based on animation, where you set up some short animation and on last frame you leave empty with some time loop that after 30-45sec your iamge appear again.
Than in dreamweaver you just point to object which you wish to insert on the page an software will do everething for you. Be aware dreamweaver is sometime tricky, like to create pages which perfectly work on your pc but wouldn't work on others.

However if your graphic is other format than Flash you should use tools like Photoshop to put what ever graphic format into jpg, gif or png.

Hope this help, if anything let me know.

thank you i will try it

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