am working on my project and the requirements are that i develop a web site and have it connected to an access database. the site is ready and the database the problem is how do i connect to the database.could someone help please.

Perhaps if you gave a bit more detail...

Such as, why are you connecting to the database? Are there dynamically loaded objects in your site that require DB access? Are you sending information to the database from inputs on your site?

Do you have any knowledge of ASP.Net or VB or any other web-compatible programming/scripting languages for that matter? Is the database local to the site or on a server somewhere?

All of this information would be handy for someone to be able to better evaluate the question you are asking and to allow people to provide the correct type of help to fit your needs.

Thanks Lusiphur:
the site is a online booking, thus it requires customers to type their info on a form then submit. which should be updated on the database.
I have actually done other projects in VB 6. ASP am not well conversant with it. i have also used javascript in the past.
the data base is local to the site(its a class assignment)

Excellent, at least that gives people a place to start.

So ideally what you'd be looking for in this case would be a method using VB (read: ASP.Net as that can be either VB or C#) or javascript or a combination of both which allows you to connect to an Access database and inserts/updates information based on user input on the site's form.

Me, I'm a C# person, not very strong in VB but...

This reference might help put you in the right direction, as might this reference.

Hope these help :) Please remember to mark as solved once your issue has been resolved.