Dear All,

I am doing some practice in HTML to learn.

Can anybody suggest the name of book, which is useful to learn HTML and CSS from begins.
Please provide the weblink also, if it is free on net.

Thanks and regards,

Any book is out of date, before it is even published
W3schools::: the w3 consortium is responsible for web standards, the code standards of html xhtml css

or you could be another **expletive deleted** person producing code that

  • fails in half the browsers
  • takes forever to display
  • looks like crap
  • is invisible in hi-res displays
  • doesnt work in handheld devices
    and worst of all from a developers viewpoint
  • is **expletive deleted** difficult to maintain

Also Css Mastery by andy budd.

The difference between a book and a web site is that any fool can throw up a tutorial. And no-one has to approve it before it goes on line, no-one has to check that it is correct, that it reliable and accurate, that it has enough variations to cover most of the things you will do, that it is up to date, that it matches modern standards (much of w3schools doesn't, although they are now, finally, trying to upgrade it).

A book however takes a bit longer to write (unlike a five minute tutorial), then goes to a publisher, where it may get rejected or examined in more detail. If provisionally accepted, it gets examined by technical editors for accuracy and quality, by proof-readers looking for typos and inconsistancies. Then the publisher has to decide if it is good enough and will go down well in the current market, when placed up against other similar books. Then the publisher has to invest in printing thousands of copies. So publishers prefer professional experts.

Online tutorials - well you could write one if you liked as your first web site, couldn't you.

PS w3schools has absolutely no connection what so ever with w3c, the people who set web standards.

w3schools cashed in on the name and have fooled beginners for many years into thinking their tutorials are somehow w3c approved tutorials. Most professionals with a little bit of experience know this.

Don't believe me? Do a whois check on them both.

The book I mostly use, is <Web Publishing with HTML and CSS> its by Sams Publishing. Usually has the answers to most of my HTML/CSS questions and has explanations and definitions for why you do things.