Hi, i'm trying to achieve the exact same effect as the 4 bottom tabs of this page :


Most Jquery I have seen 'pushes' the content above or below it up or down the page as it reveals the hidden content, the above example reveals the content over the top without pushing out any other content which is what I am looking for

I was hoping somebody has a link to another site that does the same effect or if anyone can help??

Thanks in advance


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All the .js and .css files can be viewed on that site. So, using firebug or any other tool, you should be able to determine what it does.

Aside, it uses a carousel plugin for scriptaculous or prototype apparantly.

I've tried that and can get everything to work asides from those tabs!
I think the scriptaculous code it uses is for the top navigation, ive grabbed all the .js files and css and images, still wont work, the hide reveal below them does and so does the top nav!!??

Appears that the large image is a background image and the sliders are just images that slide up on hover, using absolute positioning. The rest of the image in idle state is hidden under a div.

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