I'm a complete newbie at web design, but have come up with a business idea for a simple price comparison website in my local area. I've registered the domain name and have a web hosting provider, so I just need a little advice about getting this project off the ground.

The site should provide details of product prices from 20 suppliers, who all supply this product in 4 different quantities and some suppliers only deliver to certain areas.

Front page should have 3 drop down lists for a. area, b. zip/post code and c. quantity required. Would prefer if lists a and b were linked, ie. select area 1 gives 5 zip codes in list b, whilst area 3 gives 9 zips in list b.

And obviously tables in a database where supplier info, supplier prices, zip/postcodes suppliers deliver to etc are stored so the cheapest suppliers based on the users choices at the first page are generated.

I know this is probably very simple for you guys, but I havent a clue where to start. I'd really appreciate any advice or guidance you could give me. I know this will take a long time to implement, but I've got time on my hands and I want to do a good job at this.

Regards... Sparatacus

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Wait ... are you wondering about where to start on the design or the technical stuff, or on both? On the design, I always start on the layout, like with blank images and substituting text with "blah blah blah blah ... etc.". However, I always start with the technical stuff, like the PHP and JavaScript dealing with the databases.

Hi kooia,

I'd prefer advice on the technical stuff. If you were setting up this site, how would you tackle it? What would your step-by-step approach be?

Regards... Sparatacus

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