Hi All,
anyone got any tips for improving the look of a site? i'm pretty new to web dev and the code side of things is not a problem, but the graphic side of things is not going well. i'm just not that creative i guess. any tips or sits that may spark some inspiration would be great



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I've used http://www.templatemonster.com/ or the same as the monsterteplates link above, for several of my projects....

I absolutely swear by them now.... for 40-60$, you can get an extremely complicated template in photoshop format that would have taken me MONTHS to put together!!! I understand photoshop enough to really edit or modify the general look and feel, but not nearly well enough to do one from scratch. You can get lots that are cheaper ($20) range, and some that have flash headers, etc.

Once you buy one, if you pay via PayPal, you can download the template immediately, if paying by credit card, you usually have it within the hour... or at least I have. :)

If you're short on time, and want something that looks VERY professional, give them a try...


templatemonster is pretty good for a range of pretty templates - but you really need to know how to rip into the code. It's generally not very good and requiers some improvement. But if pretty is all you want it's fine. :)


I'm a designer. Can you show me what you have now? Maybe then I can give you a tip or two.


I've used http://www.templatemonster.com/ or the same as the monsterteplates link above, for several of my projects....

However I don't actually think using templates solely for all projects is a good idea. You need actually to look at alot of different websites to get an idea of what you want, how you want it to be laid out and what are your style requirements.

I myself am a graphics web designer who designs and is intrigued by the 'corporate look' That said, I like the way this particular site is designed.


The site is clean and uses one style sheet. In addition the menu system is all dhtml. It is a clean site that loads fast

or try this site:


This is a mambo hack but the design elements are really clearn


please i need web designer
can someone help me?

well ya...i'm confident about my designing


There are many sites from where you can get good quality designs. If you want to prepare yourself than first of all make a concept, draw a rough sketch and think of targeted users and then finally give your design a real look with some good combination of colors.

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