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There is lot of hype/expectations around HTML 5.0. So I was looking for more details about new features in HTML5.0 & also how these features will be working in various browsers.
I think Geo location is/will be the one of the hottest topic/feature, I found one good article about HTML5 and its features…. Surprisingly this link is coming from Samsung’s developer forum aka Samsung Mobile Innovator..(I didn’t know that Samsung is also supporting/influencing HTML5.0 features so that their mobile browsers can support rich web experience… Samsung that’s the way to go…..:) )

The code details given were very useful. I hope this will be helpful for all other HTML and mobile widget/application developers.
All the details you can find here http://innovator.samsungmobile.com/cms/cnts/knowledge.detail.view.do?platformId=12&cntsId=7260

Some of the details covered the above article:

Article Tag
The Article element represents an independent section of a document, page or site. For Ex: Articles are suitable for contents like news, blogs, forum posts or individual comments.

File Browsing
Input type File attribute is used for browsing the files present on the phone or pc. This is not supported on Mobiles. For Ex: The below given image shows the clear description how it works.

Geo-location using HTML5
This feature supported on web. This feature is not supported on wave device.

function showMap(position)
alert(position.coords.latitude, position.coords.longitude);
document.getElementById('latitude').innerHTML = position.coords.latitude;
document.getElementById('longitude').innerHTML = position.coords.longitude;

Offline Web Application
In order to enable users to continue interacting with web applications and documents even when their network connection is unavailable Ex: when user is travelling outside of the ISP’s coverage area – authors can provide a manifest which lists the files that are needed for the web application to work offline and which causes the users browser to keep a copy of the files for use offline.

You can find full code and details from the above link. Know the new features in easy way.

Please do feel free to share other good links on HTML 5.0 ….

tnx..quite useful

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