is there a way to find out what are the keyword tags to a web site that are used when we want to search the web for some information.

I mean, as we enter the words in the search bar, it will be match to the tags of the websites so as to return the relevant results.

Thanks in advance.


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Not really. Reading between the lines, I suspect that you're trying to "optimize" your website so that it's listed "high" in a search engine. There's an entire industry that's grown up around this, called SEO. Daniweb has some SEO-related sections, you might post there.

Websites artificially manipulate search engines, search engines tune their algorithms, then we commercialize the whole thing with ads... what a mess. Sorry, I'm a cynic.


hi thomas,

thanks for the reply,well, i am not trying to optimize my website or watsoever, just that i am doing a research on CBIR (content based image retrieval) so i am also trying to understand the textual part of the search engine better.

anyway, hope to share more with you again!



You can use server side script like asp and php to crawl internet sites to a database. You can retrieve the meta tags including keywords and description during the crawling process. You can then create a search script to list down all sites (appeared in your database) that match the keyword your entered.

This is how a simple search engine technology is based on.

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