Ok I know this might sound like a silly question, but now working in an office environment, and eventually having to rely on someone else for content update and management, whats the best way to "export" my Dreamweaver created coldfusion templates to another desktop so that she can do database updates and whatever else needs to be done to manage the site. I dont know if I want someone performing inserts and updates on the remote server, so would I need to set up a testing server on her computer as well? We are all on a local network, so I thought I could just copy and paste the page files to her folder, but not sure that will work. Maybe the wrong forum for this question, but hope someone can help! Thanks in advance!


This exactly why they invented Content manager system frameworks like Drupal and Joomla!
Perhaps in your situation, the other person can write the the text and you can paste it into a wysiwyg editor. Database entry might be a bit "dangerous" using PHPmyadmin in an office enviroment.

Having specialized entry screens and permissions like there would be in a CMS is the way to go.