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I've have been attempting to create a website and I was just wondering something.

On my page's I have post's like this..

<h3>This Post</h3>
<p>Content of post</p>

How do you make it so when I click the title, it will show just that post and then if I want it to, Also show a comment box underneath.
A bit like Tumblr or Wordpress, So when you click the post title, it shows that post plus a comment box.

The only way I can think of is using

<?php include("filename.php")?>

but wouldn't that mean seperate .php files for each post?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, separate your different 'views' into different php files, because that's essentially what you want. When you click the title of a post you want to go to it's standalone 'view' or 'page' with just the post on it, with a comment box as well. What you can do is do a php check to see if the user is on the main page when clicking the link, if they are, then take them to the view that you want (which would be a singular post with a comment box).

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How would that be done?

Do you have any sample code?


I would set it up similar to the way wordpress does things. It's very orginized that way. Look through the hierarchy here to get a basic overview of how to arrange your php files. Code samples can also be found there.

Wordpress gives you all the options in their configuration panel to display or hide the comment boxes as the part of CMS.

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I've already managed to sort it.

Thanks for the reply.