Hello guys, long time no see.
Im designing a new website for a metal band and i want suggestions. do you like it? have anything more to suggest? Do you think i have add too much glow?
Im also thinking of making the border to glow a little, do you think is a good idea?

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IMO the active menu item and the band name need just a little bit more contrast: I'm having a hard time reading them. Why is the logo/art work so near the top of the page? Too much empty space below it and above the menu line (unless there will be content there, of course). Glow around the edges might be nice. What does the band prefer? If I did it, I'd probably use a glow that tapered toward black very quickly as you left the edge of the screen. It might only glow in the bottom two corners? You should create a few images and show them to your principals.

theproblem with the border is.. that i dont know how to make them and how to set a border. It will be a single big image? do u have any tutorial that i can read?

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Nice background graphic. Agree with griswolf. Nedd more contrast on greyed lettering. Jury's out until you provide content. The whole feel of the page could become unravelled quickly according to the font / size /colour etc that you use. Light text on dark backgrounds - although striking - are difficult to deal with. I used to love all that dark, brooding atmospheric stuff, but users told me that some of my sites were too difficult to read. As long as the amount of text on the page isn't massive, should be OK. In addition - be aware of images. White backgrounds are great because you can but anything on them. White background images on black background pages look decidedly odd (IMO).

how much to change the contrast? i have made this logo froma tutorial i dont know much about photoshop. i just have to select the text and give somehow more contrast? if im not asking too much can someone change the contrast of the photo i have upload?

Hard for someone else to do the work on the finished graphic: You have the 'source code' for the product, so you can most easily make the change. Suggest that you make about a dozen variants:
One axis:
adjust the boldness (thickness of the strokes) of the text
2nd axis:
adjust the color of the text
3rd axis:
adjust the 'shininess' of the text (or it might be something like 'shadow')
I think you can see the results if you stand back and squint a little bit, or look at it upside down (honest: these are ways to break out of your 'I did it' mold)

Ardav's point about ease is good. If you are passing information, it needs to be easy to grasp. If you are mainly about the atmosphere (brooding and gloomy, here), then the information just has to be easy enough to grasp.

i will try them and post you back. Also i dont know how i can create a border of a soft light arount the box or a glow line. someone tellms me that i have to make 4 more divs and to place them arount this div and give them a backround image, i will try this also

By the way, The site is up for better reviewing:

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The page loads really slowly. You seem to be using loads of javascript to provide rollover functionality. Think about CSS sprites. The main background was majorly slooow. Rollover images still v. difficult to make out. THe blue-white/red-white rollovers at the bottom also load really slowly - so when you rollover, you don't get an immediate change - leading the user to think that they are not links.

Once properly loaded, no problem.

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