Hello everyone, I would like to apologize now for my ignorance regarding W3C and 508 Compliance. "I'm Sorry I am ignorant in the matters of ADA web compliance. I just inherited these duties without any training or knowledge of the rules around the compliance question."

I have searched high and low and far and wide but could not find what I needed to know.

Here is what I have to ask. In the case of message boxes such as ones that may ask the simple question, "Are you sure you want to cancel this session?", or something to that effect; are they required to be W3C, 508, and whatever else may be out there compliant?

Thank you and any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.

DaMutant (Doug)

Have you validated your code at W3C and received errors?

Actually, what I calidated was successful but then this question arose. The thought is that it is a requirement of ours that a message box should meet that W3C standard and not necessarily a W3C requirement. I am trying determine if it is both?

So your company/client requires W3C validation? I would say 90% of webpages on the web DONT validate completely...lol Although I guess most professional web design houses require code to validate. Havent dealt with message boxes much, so not sure about your specific issue. Does W3C website have anything to read up on them?

lol just validated amazon.com home page and it had over 1100 warnings and over 100 erros! Just thought I'd add that.

Yes we require W3C validation. I didn't see anything on that site. I have been looking everywhere. I'll keeep on looking at it and see if I can get lucky. I do appreciate your responses and your time. Thank you very much.

No problem, sorry I couldnt have been more help. Someone here I know will be able to give you some great answers. Good Luck!