Hello all,

I would like to make a simple page showcasing my experience, bio, CV, research work and so on..

What web development platform (by platform i mean, web server, language, software) do you recommend for me to carry out this project? Ideally, i would like to have a server where I can have multiple domains in it, for me and my research group.

Excuse me if my question seems too broad, i don’t really know much about web development... your comments are appreciated

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Most webhosts have packages where you can add multiple domains. If you are not too familiar with this I suggest using a host that has good support on any questions that may arise. Preferably in your own timezone. Apache hosting is normally less expensive than Windows hosting.

For a platform, I suggest using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) since it is most common among hosting providers and is quite cheap. As pritaeas mentioned, Windows hosting is more expensive and I myself don`t really see any major benefits it could have, since you won`t be doing any serious web development. As far as I understand multiple Wordpress instances (each for different domain) would be sufficient.

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